2019-2020 Class Parents

St. Teresa Class Parents

All class parents will be selected by random draw at the first HSA meeting. Every grade must have 2 class parents. Parents may not serve as class parent more than once unless no one else has volunteered/nor are class parents allowed to serve for the same child unless again, no one else has volunteered for that class.

So you want to be a class parent?

Here are some duties that go along with the role:

  • Stay connected to the Class Parent Liaison, Tara Mineo.
  • Attend all or most of the meetings of the Home and School Association.
  • Organize class parties and enrichment opportunities. This may include planning, shopping for and hosting the event.
  • Send out reminders—via email, phone or notes that go home with the kids—about upcoming events, meetings, field trips and needs for donations or volunteers.
  • Obtain donations of supplies for the classroom and/or events (i.e., boxes of tissues the classroom or supplies for class parties).
  • Collect donations for and purchase gifts for the teacher or events. This could include Christmas, Christmas Fair, Valentine’s Day, Basket Auction and the end of the school year party and gift.
  • Call or email parents to line up chaperones for field trips.
  • Find volunteers to help in the classroom, if needed at the request of the teachers/Principal Azzopardi.
  • Act as a resource by answering questions for parents new to the school or class.

 Still interested? Then throw your name in the bucket at the first HSA meeting!

After the drawing, if you have been selected, please see Ms. Mineo for more details