Minutes from first HSA Mtg 2019/2020

St. Teresa Home & School Association

September 10, 2019

Monsignor William Belford Greetings & Opening Prayer

–       Air Conditioning is working in the Gym

–       We are looking for donations to raise $250,000 to install air conditioners in the classroom

–       After we have installed AC in the school, we can place solar panels on the roof


Principal Rita Azzopardi Greetings & School Updates

–       We have Two new DOE PRE-K classrooms

–       70 students total for the new programs

–       We have switched our Math program to Ready Gen- we are no longer using Eureka.

–       We are implementing the usage of notebooks this school year to improve our handwriting skills, gross motor skills and organization techniques

–       Chrome books are still part of our curriculum – especially since our state tests are all online!


-Girls are allowed to wear the White Polo (short sleeve) for both the Winter/ Spring Uniform

– SNEAKER: All sneakers must be either ALL White or All Black.   No label should be visible in another color. Light up sneakers are also not allowed!

-Discipline Policy – Our rules will be abided by and implemented daily

-The Math/ ELA test scores have not been sent out to families –

-She will ask regional for an update

-IRIS alerts will be sent out to all 8th grade families to keep you posted on TACH Exam schedules, practice tests and support groups

-Ms. Conway anticipates that all 8th Grade Students will be prepared for the tests

-if you have any questions or concerns, PLEASE contact Mrs. Azzopardi

-2018-2019 School Yearbooks are available for a discounted rate in the office

STS HSA Board Introductions Allison Cuddy – President

Stephanie DeSimone – Vice President

Jennifer Costello – Treasurer

Donna Harkins – Treasurer

Christine LoPorto – Communications

Stefanie LoPinto –   Recording Secretary

Rosalinda Cinquemani – Class Parent Coordinator

The HSA Board had an opening for the Volunteer Coordinator position, and 7th grade mom, Samantha Surat, has been appointed. All please welcome her to the board!

Parish Organizations YAA – John Tuohy

-Bryan Lyons spoke on his behalf to update us on our AMAZING SCHOOL SPORT TEAMS

We offer: Soccer (contact Brian Lyons- 917-921-1517,) Baseball, Track ( Contact Mary Curran 718-757-9733,) Swimming (Contact Jen Costello)

Basketball (contact: Rich Nellis)

Cub Scouts/Boy Scouts – Jim Duffy

Holy Name Society – Joe Patella

If anyone is interested in forming a Girls Scout Troop please contact the school office

Looking Ahead 2019-2020:
  September Sept 13 – New Family Breakfast (LCH)

-There will be no Family Fun Run this year at South Beach

  October Oct 13th – Father Son Event – Dave & Busters

_Father Son 2019 copy

Oct 15th – HSA Meeting 7pm (LCH)

STS Halloween

November Nov 4th – HSA Meeting 8:30am & 7pm (LCH)

Nov 4th – Switch to Winter Uniforms

Nov 20th – Boards & Brushes Event – 6:30pm

Nov 21st – Parent Teacher Conferences

Nov 28th & Nov 29th – Thanksgiving Break

December Dec 5th, Dec 7th & Dec 8th – Christmas Fair

*Please note that school is closed on Fri Dec 6*

Dec 23 – Christmas Break Begins

January Jan 6th – School Resumes

Jan 16th – Book Fair

Jan 27th – 31st – Catholic School Week

Jan 31st – Grandparents Day

February Feb 1st – Father Daughter Dinner

Feb 11th – HSA Meeting 7pm (LCH)

Feb 17th – Winter Break Begins

March Mar 14th – Mother Son Bowling 6pm – Rab’s

Mar 24th – HSA Meeting 7pm (LCH)

*New HSA Board Nominations Open*

April Apr 24th – Basket Auction

Apr 30th – Parent Teacher Conferences

May May 1st – Bogo Book Fair

May 4th – Summer Uniforms

May 7th – Plant Sale

May 12th – Last HSA Meeting 7pm (LCH)

May 16th – Mother Daughter Brunch & Fashion Show

– The Staaten

May 29th – Spring Fling

June June 5th – Field Day (Rain Date 6/8)

June 10th – 8th Grade Dance

June 12th – 8th Grade Graduation

June 17th – Tentative Last Day of School

  • HSA Meeting Changes

Please note that HSA Meeting dates have been changed to Tuesday evenings & your NUT card dress down days will now be the day AFTER an HSA meeting. There are some exclusions – so always be sure to check the date on your card. Also, we are bringing back the uniform exchange. Going forward, if you have gently used and stain free pieces of uniform that you no longer need, you may bring them to an HSA meeting. We will have the bins out and you may take whatever you need from it !

  • Easy Ways to Fundraise Box Tops -Going Digital !

Stop & Shop A+ Rewards

Shop A Roo

  • Strive For Five

The HSA asks our parents to step up and help out by volunteering a total of 5 hours throughout the school year.

Ways to Earn 5 Volunteer Hours:

  1. Work an Event – time worked is tracked by HSA
  2. Cook a Dish for the Christmas Fair – 1 hr per dish (2-3 dish min)
  3. Bake a Treat for the Christmas Fair – 1 hr per treat (2-3 treat min)
  4. Stuff Straws for Christmas Fair – 1 hr per box
  5. Attend an HSA Meeting – .5 hr per meeting
  6. Become a Class Parent – 5 hours automatically fulfilled (however participation at the Christmas Fair or Basket Auction is necessary)
  7. Become a Lunch Parent – 5 hours automatically fulfilled !
  8. Solicit Donations for Christmas Fair/Basket Auction – 1 hr per donation

We also understand that there isn’t always time available in everyone’s busy schedules to volunteer. For that reason, if you are unable to help in any of the ways listed above, you will be billed at the end of the school year in the amount of $75.00.

  • All In One Payment

The All In One Payment was put in place as an easier way for our parents to contribute to class parties & activities. Rather than asking for a small donation every few weeks we’ve put together the options below.

Option #1 – $25 per child due by October 28th. This payment covers:

  1. Class Halloween Party $2.00
  2. Class Thanksgiving Party $2.00
  3. Class Christmas Party $3.00
  4. Class Donation / Christmas Fair Basket $6.00
  5. Christmas Gift for Teachers $12.00

An addition payment of $25 per child will be due by February 1st. This payment covers:

  1. Class Valentines Day Party $2.00
  2. Class Easter Party $2.00
  3. Class Donation / Basket Auction $6.00
  4. End of Year Class Party $3.00
  5. End of Year Teachers Gift $12.00

Option #2 – Full payment of $50​ per child due by October 28th. This payment covers all of the above listed parties/activities.

Forms will be sent home with your children & cash payments should be sent back in a sealed envelope to : HSA – All In One Payment

  • Class Parents

If you are interested in becoming a Class Parent, please read over the handouts on the tables. There are some new responsibilities that have been added this year. For example, sharing via email with the parents in your class the minutes from the most recent HSA meeting. The minutes will be provided to you by Rosalinda Cinquemani, our Class Parent Coordinator. Also, Class Parents are now expected to work either the Christmas Fair on Saturday or Sunday OR the Basket Auction.

  • Safer Spaces Training

If you are chosen as a Class Parent, you will be required​ to attend the Safer Spaces Training which is being held directly after the October 15th HSA Meeting. The training lasts for approximately half an hour. If you have not completed this training previously – your attendance is mandatory.

  • Mondays will be School Spirit Dress Down! The store will be opened online by the end of the week!

The online school spirit store can be accessed by logging onto www.teestyles.com. It will be open for purchases before the end of the week. Will will announce the day via IRIS alert. The store will remain open for two weeks ! Please note that your child(ren) may not dress down on Monday’s until an official date is announced by Principal Azzopardi. In order to participate in School Spirit Dress Down – you must purchase a 2019-2020 tee shirt. The only exception to this is if you purchased a crew neck sweatshirt, hoodie or zip up hoodie last year. These items may be worn again. You MUST wear a gym bottom (school gym shorts or school gun sweatpants!) A Reminder will be sent home on when we will start School Spirit Mondays!

  • Class Parent Selections

Rosalinda Cinquemani has compiled the class parents names and information.  They will be posted here.


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